When you call a lawyer who you find on Lawyer4you.com, it is a good idea to tell them that you found them on lawyer4you.com, so that the lawyer knows the source of your call.


Some people when using lawyer4you.com feel comfortable calling a lawyer as soon as they find one that they like. If that is you, then make the call right away. If you are using a cell phone to search lawyer4you.com, you can usually just tap on their phone number to make the call.

Some people prefer taking some time to prepare for the call. 

In either case, here are some tips about the information that you may be asked about during the call.

For example, if you are calling about an accident, you will probably be asked about the date, location and time of the accident. You will also be asked if there were other people involved, and whether there were any witnesses.

 If, for example, you are calling about buying or selling a house, you will probably be asked about the location, price and if there is a mortgage involved. 

If you are starting a new business, you will probably be asked if there are other people involved, and if so, how you wish to divide the ownership of the business. 

With respect to the other legal areas of practice, you will be asked about similar information.

Do not worry if you do not have all the information right at hand. Much of the information will be developed after you retain the lawyer.


During your discussions with the lawyer or a member of the law firm staff, words may be mentioned that you do not fully understand. If so, do not be reluctant about asking questions about anything that you do not fully understand. There is no need to feel uncomfortable about asking questions because lawyers and their staff know that they often use legal terms not well known to the general public.


It is best to inform the lawyer about any actions that you have taken before seeking the help of a lawyer. It is better for the lawyer to know about what has already occurred in the case, to be prepared to take action to handle these matters, than to be surprised later. Discussing these matters may also give you some idea of what the lawyer is prepared to do for you, and help you in choosing the right lawyer for you.


You should avoid keeping information from the lawyer that you think will hurt your case. Doing so, usually puts you at a disadvantage. It is better that the lawyer knows in advance of difficulties that might come up in your case, in order to be prepared to handle them. Also, discussing these matters may give you some idea of what the lawyer is prepared to do for you, and help you in choosing the right lawyer for you.


You may be generally aware of the legal privilege involving the confidentiality of communications between a lawyer and his client; and that it generally means that the lawyer is duty bound not to tell others about what you tell them. Following is a more detailed explanation of the privilege.

The confidentiality of communications between you and the lawyer starts after you have started a legal relationship with the lawyer. If you have any doubts or concerns about whether this privilege applies to your conversation, be sure and ask the lawyer.

There are some notable exceptions to this privilege. For example, if there is another person present during your conversation with the lawyer, the privilege can be broken. This can be overcome if the other person also jointly retains the lawyer.

The confidentiality privilege also does not apply if a person tells a lawyer of a plan to commit a crime or fraud. If, however if a person is talking to their lawyer, after a crime has been committed, as for example, when a person is talking to their criminal lawyer, the conversation is privileged and confidential.

One common mistake people make is that they assume that the privilege of confidentiality applies to their accountant. Usually it does not, unless the accountant is working in close conjunction with a person’s lawyer.


You should thoroughly inquire about the fees and costs of the lawyer’s representation. Make sure that you can afford to pay for the lawyer’s services. However, if you are consulting a lawyer about an accident case, you should find out if the lawyer’s fees will be taken out of the money recovered in the case. In that event, you will not have to pay money out of your own pocket. Usually, the lawyer’s fee in an accident case is a percentage of the money recovered for the client. The percentage is usually set by state law or custom. The written retainer for the lawyer’s services that you may later sign will specify the terms of the fee.


When you feel you have case, it is very important that you do not wait too long before contacting a lawyer. There are laws called Statutes of Limitations. These laws prevent you from bringing a case after a certain amount of time.  So, it is always best to look for and retain a lawyer as soon as possible.