How We Started

After practicing law for many years, I decided to wind down my practice.  After notifying others of my decision, I began receiving calls from friends, relatives and former clients asking me to refer them to other lawyers to handle their cases in a variety of different legal situations. This encouraged me to do some research into the needs of the public at large with respect to a finding a lawyer to handle their various  legal problems. I found that there were many people who needed an easier way to provide them with the information they needed to find a lawyer to help them with their particular legal needs. So, I started

The lawyers on are purposely classified by their respective legal areas of practice to provide people with the means to focus on their particular legal needs. This is because each person’s particular legal needs do not fit neatly into the same exact actions needed  by others in similar situations. If they did, then it would hardly matter which lawyer a person chose to handle their case. But, it does matter. That is because each person’s case requires particular attention to the different details of their situation.  That is why is designed to help people find the specific lawyer to handle their particular legal situation.